Movers & Shakers S2E2: The Modern Method of Targeted Digital Advertising, a Crypto Bear Perspective and More with Zach Coelius, Co-Founder of Triggit and Coelius Capital

Episode 2 April 19, 2022 00:40:02
Movers & Shakers S2E2: The Modern Method of Targeted Digital Advertising, a Crypto Bear Perspective and More with Zach Coelius, Co-Founder of Triggit and Coelius Capital
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Movers & Shakers S2E2: The Modern Method of Targeted Digital Advertising, a Crypto Bear Perspective and More with Zach Coelius, Co-Founder of Triggit and Coelius Capital

Apr 19 2022 | 00:40:02


Show Notes

Season 2 of “Movers and Shakers” continues with a legend in the digital marketing ad space, Zach Coelius, Co-Founder of Triggit and Managing Partner at Coelius Capital. Zach and his sister, Susan, played an instrumental role in modernizing the way advertisers use targeted digital ads. 

Zach deep dives into “retargeting,” a form of online advertising where the ads are targeted to consumers based on their previous internet behavior. The conversation progresses with the constantly changing legislation on privacy from large companies like Google and Apple. Plus, we further discuss Zach’s take on cryptocurrency, which is very different from the mainstream opinion. 

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4:03 -  Where did Zach grow up and how did this shape his view of the world?
4:37 - Did Zach always think he was going to be an entrepreneur? 
5:37 - Why did Zach attend five Olympic Games?
8:52 - What is Triggit and how did Zach get started founding it?
11:34 - What is the core product of Triggit and what was the competitive landscape like in the ad tech space?
14:44 - How does Zach feel about the new privacy changes that Google and Apple are implementing?
16:35 - Now in 2022, would Zach recommend entering the digital marketing ad space?
18:05 - What are Zach’s thoughts on working within digital marketing on the paying side?
19:41 - How is Coelius Capital structured? 
22:31 - How would Zach describe his fund?  
26:14 - Why is Zach not bullish on Crypto? Has his opinion changed in the last six months? See his mentioned User Manual here. 
30:28 - What are some sectors that Zach is bullish on?
31:36 - What advice does Zach have for founders looking for funding?
36:12 - What’s next for Zach?
37:25 - Who is a woman in Zach’s life that has had a profound impact on him and his career? 

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