S3E1: Ciara

Episode 1 May 04, 2021 00:40:57
S3E1: Ciara
The Room Podcast
S3E1: Ciara

May 04 2021 | 00:40:57


Show Notes

In The Room Podcast’s very special Season 3 opener, Claudia and Madison sit down with the one and only, Ciara. We all know her as the Grammy-award winning singer and songwriter behind hit classics like “1, 2 Step,” “Goodies,” and “Level Up,” but she is also a businesswoman and entrepreneur behind multiple businesses. Ciara is the CEO and Founder of music label Beauty Marks Entertainment, through which she produced her latest album, as well as Co-Founder of The House of LR&C, a fashion house she started with husband Russell Wilson. 

This week’s special episode walks through the themes of digital media’s transformation of the music industry, having a level up mentality, and surrounding yourself with people aligned to your vision. Let’s open the door.

Season 3 is brought to you by our partners at Silicon Valley Bank and Cooley. 

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