S3E8: Heidi Zak of ThirdLove on fundraising, finding product-market fit, and the future of eCommerce and D2C

Episode 8 June 22, 2021 00:41:47
S3E8: Heidi Zak of ThirdLove on fundraising, finding product-market fit, and the future of eCommerce and D2C
The Room Podcast
S3E8: Heidi Zak of ThirdLove on fundraising, finding product-market fit, and the future of eCommerce and D2C

Jun 22 2021 | 00:41:47


Show Notes

In the Season 3 finale of The Room Podcast, Madison and Claudia sit down with Heidi Zak, CEO and Co-Founder of ThirdLove, a multi-generational women's lifestyle brand focused on elevated essentials across bras, underwear, loungewear, and much more. ThirdLove’s products are designed to support women feeling effortlessly comfortable and confident. ThirdLove is also the third largest underwear and bra retailer in the world, which is a true testament to how its unique model truly disrupted how consumers shop for bras and other essentials. 


This week’s key themes include what fundraising looks like for non-software businesses, finding product market fit and innovating on distribution, and the future of e-commerce. Let’s open the door.


Season 3 is sponsored by our friends at SVB and Cooley. 

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