S4E7: Katie Warner Johnson of Carbon38 on the artistry of entrepreneurship and disrupting the activewear industry

Episode 7 September 28, 2021 00:42:04
S4E7: Katie Warner Johnson of Carbon38 on the artistry of entrepreneurship and disrupting the activewear industry
The Room Podcast
S4E7: Katie Warner Johnson of Carbon38 on the artistry of entrepreneurship and disrupting the activewear industry

Sep 28 2021 | 00:42:04


Show Notes

In The Room with Katie Warner Johnson


This week on The Room Podcast, we are excited to share our conversation with Katie Warner Johnson, Founder and CEO of Carbon38. Carbon38 is one of the leading activewear e-commerce platforms, carrying brands like Beyond Yoga, Isabel Marant, Adidas by Stella McCartney and their own line. Katie's journey to disrupting the activewear industry started early on as a professional dancer from childhood and later, a Physique 57 fitness instructor. After years of being immersed in the health and fitness world, Katie realized that the sports bras and leggings that were being sold were just not meeting the needs of women. She decided to move to Los Angeles and build a business that provided fashion-forward activewear designed by women, for women.


In this episode, Katie talks about the relationship between being a performer and an entrepreneur, serving the needs of her customer, The Boss, empowering women with women-led brands, and the future of activewear.


Season 4 is sponsored by our friends at Silicon Valley Bank and Cooley.

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