S5E3: How Faye Keegan of Dipsea is Empowering Women Using Audio-First Content with Sex-Positive Narratives

Episode 3 February 01, 2022 00:27:23
S5E3: How Faye Keegan of Dipsea is Empowering Women Using Audio-First Content with Sex-Positive Narratives
The Room Podcast
S5E3: How Faye Keegan of Dipsea is Empowering Women Using Audio-First Content with Sex-Positive Narratives

Feb 01 2022 | 00:27:23


Show Notes

In The Room with Faye Keegan, Co-Founder, and CEO of Dipsea. 

Consumers are leaning more and more into audio as their primary medium for receiving content. Faye describes how Dipsea is the first of its kind by using the new consumer love of personal audio to empower women. “Sexy audio stories and intimate wellness sessions to help you find joy and confidence in and out of the bedroom.”

This episode covers concepts such as good practices when partnering on a startup with a friend, the current state of audio platforms creators, and advice for fundraising in a non-traditional space. Bonus in time for Valentine's Day, Faye explains why it’s so important to sexually empower women and create a safer environment for sexual education. 

USE CODE: “THEROOM” on Dipsea's Website to get a free 30-day subscription to Dipsea and have access to over 500 stories, hot & heavy content, dreamy bedtime stories, wellness sessions, and an ad-free experience. Plus, you can cancel at any time.

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0:08 - Where did Faye grow up and did she always want to be a founder? 
1:06 - What did Faye think of her time at Bridgewater and how did it affect her leadership style?
2:06 - What was a lesson that Faye learned at Bridgewater that she has taken with her into the Dipsea culture? 
3:16 - What inspired Faye’s career shift from investing to software engineering?
4:40 - What was the initial a-ha moment that sparked the creation of Dipsea?
6:19 - How did Faye meet Gina?
6:54 - What is Dipsea’s core product?
7:41 - How was the fundraising journey for Faye? Who wrote the first check?
9:08 - What advice would Faye give founders who are just starting to think through an idea with a friend?
11:19 - What was the process like finding a product-market fit for this unconventional user experience? 
13:09 - Has there been any issues marketing these sensitive subjects?
15:25 - How does Dipsea utilize their ability to empower women? 
18:00 - How does Dipsea feel about the future of audio platforms and audio creators?  
19:10 - What is Faye’s take on social audio platforms?
19:42 - What things can people get excited about for the future of Dipsea?
20:20 - What’s next for Faye?
20:52 - Who is a woman in Faye’s life that has had a profound impact on her and her career?

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Season 5 of The Room Podcast is sponsored by our friends at Silicon Valley Bank and Cooley.  

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