S6E1: Co-Founder & CRO, Shuo Wang, and Deel are Reimagining Payouts for Businesses on a Global Scale

Episode 1 May 17, 2022 00:32:37
S6E1: Co-Founder & CRO, Shuo Wang, and Deel are Reimagining Payouts for Businesses on a Global Scale
The Room Podcast
S6E1: Co-Founder & CRO, Shuo Wang, and Deel are Reimagining Payouts for Businesses on a Global Scale

May 17 2022 | 00:32:37


Show Notes

Thank you for joining us for Season 6 of The Room Podcast! We are starting strong with our first guest, Shuo Wang. Her company Deel was evaluated at over $5 billion last year from their revolutionary work in remote work and international payrolling. 

Shuo joins us to talk about her experience at the Y Combinator and the impact it had on her work with Deel. Subjects continue with how the pandemic was a catalyst for the growth of Deel and what metrics Deel uses to track that success. Plus, we ask Shuo about her strategies for competitively innovating and expanding Deel.

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4:12 - Where did Shuo grow up and how has that shaped her worldview?
7:01 - How did a Mechanical Engineering degree translate into founding?
8:21 - What encouraged Shuo and her co-founder to start thinking about global hiring? 
10:40 - How was Shuo’s experience at the Y Combinator and what was the MMVP of the Deel product?
12:07 - What country first started using Deel’s services?
12:45 - What is the core product of Deel?
15:35 - Who was the first to say yes and invest in Deel?
16:20 - How would Shuo define her role as co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer?
17:15 - What was Shou’s strategy for competitively innovating Deel?
18:52 - What tips does Shuo have for founders who think they over perfectionists?
20:24 - What metric does Deel mainly use to track revenue?
21:25 - How did the pandemic affect the growth of Deel?
22:32 - When was a moment things didn’t go as planned in the Deel story?
24:45 - How does Deel plan for expansion?
24:53 - What does Shuo think the future of hiring looks like?
26:57 - What can look forward to for Deel?
27:59 - What is coming up for Shuo personally?
30:06 - Who is a woman in Shuo’s life that impacted her and her career?

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