S6E8: Anvisha Pai and Dover are Automating the Recruiting and Hiring Process for the Businesses of Today

Episode 8 July 05, 2022 00:36:29
S6E8: Anvisha Pai and Dover are Automating the Recruiting and Hiring Process for the Businesses of Today
The Room Podcast
S6E8: Anvisha Pai and Dover are Automating the Recruiting and Hiring Process for the Businesses of Today

Jul 05 2022 | 00:36:29


Show Notes

In our final episode of season 6 of The Room Podcast, we close out with another incredible guest, Anvisha Pai, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Dover. Dover is a modernized recruiting platform that adapts to your business's needs to connect you with people that you would want to meet and that would want to meet you.

In this episode, we and Anvisha discuss her journey as a multi-time founder growing up in Mumbai as the daughter of two doctors. Plus, Anvisha shares recruiting and hiring advice for start-ups and her thoughts on the future of work and hiring automation.

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3:40 - Where did Anvisha grow up and how did that shape her view of the world?
4:50 - Did Anvisha always think she was going to become a founder?
6:35 - How was Anvisha’s training as an engineer helpful from a product perspective?
9:33 - How did Anvisha go from Product Manager at Dropbox to a multi-time founder?
12:28 - What were Anvisha’s takeaways from her experience at the Y Combinator?
14:23 - How does Dover automate the initial candidate sourcing?
18:19 - How was Dover's fundraising journey, how did that experience impact the team and what were some lessons learned along the way?
22:05 - How has a content marketing approach contributed to the growth of the customer base for Dover?
23:53 - How does Dover think about training data sets without creating a potential bias that can be embedded in the data?
25:59 - What positive and negatives come from scaling up from a leadership perspective?
28:40 - What is Anvisha’s perspective on the future of recruiting, given the context of the last two years?
30:21 - What is Anvisha excited about in Dover's near future?
31:55 - What's next for Anvisha?
32:55 - Who is a woman in Anvisha’s life that had a profound impact on her and her career?

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