S7E3: William Santana Li and Knightscope are Using Robots to Drop Crime Rates on a Local and National Level

Episode 3 October 18, 2022 00:48:42
S7E3: William Santana Li and Knightscope are Using Robots to Drop Crime Rates on a Local and National Level
The Room Podcast
S7E3: William Santana Li and Knightscope are Using Robots to Drop Crime Rates on a Local and National Level

Oct 18 2022 | 00:48:42


Show Notes

This week we chat with another phenomenal guest, William Santana Li, the founder and CEO of Knightscope. Knightscope is the developer and manufacturer of autonomous security robots.

William explains how and why Knightscope was created and why he believes that the future of national security is autonomous. William details his professional experience in the auto and motor industry and how even that couldn’t prepare him for the unorthodox lifestyle of a founder.

In today’s conversation with William, we chat about his unique founding story after being an entrepreneur and executive for 30 years. Plus, we dive into topics such as different ways to get funded, how robots are fighting crime in the U.S., and the future of robotics and technology in public safety. Let’s open the door.

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4:48 - Did William have an interest in the vehicle and motor space from a young age?
7:51 - How was William’s early experience as a founder starting Knightscope?
9:45 - What did William learn during the fundraising process of Knightscope?
17:04 - Why is William so passionate about preventing crime and protecting the safety of Americans?
22:19 - How was the experience of starting from the ground and creating a legitimate robot?
26:10 - How is William staying focused on the blend of hardware and software with Knightscope?
28:19 - What advice does William have for a founder with a product that is starting locally but wants to go nationwide?
30:27 - When building Knightscope, was there a time when things didn't go as planned?
32:58 - How does William think that robots will change public safety and security?
36:55 - What does a Knightscope robot do to report crime and build safety?
39:31 - Why is it that William is the only male on the board for Knightscope?
45:57 - Who is a woman in William’s life that has had a profound impact on him and his career?

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