S7E6: Sarah Flint is Disrupting Footwear by Building Modern Luxury for Today’s Woman

Episode 6 November 08, 2022 00:32:55
S7E6: Sarah Flint is Disrupting Footwear by Building Modern Luxury for Today’s Woman
The Room Podcast
S7E6: Sarah Flint is Disrupting Footwear by Building Modern Luxury for Today’s Woman

Nov 08 2022 | 00:32:55


Show Notes

We are so happy to be joined by this week's guest, Sarah Flint. The Founder, CEO, and Designer of Sarah Flint, Inc. Sarah Flint proves that beauty doesn’t have to mean pain by creating comfortable and stylish luxury shoes for women who live any kind of lifestyle.

When Sarah noticed a gap in the women’s shoe market, she began designing her own and she used her network to produce them at mass! She realized that it is time to consider the needs of the modern woman and she does this by creating luxury fashion designed by women on the go for women on the go. We chat with Sarah about her decision to go entirely online, to now opening up her own storefronts for the first time.

In this episode, we discuss themes such as breaking into an industry with a non-traditional background, what it takes to disrupt the luxury brand market, and the future of retail 3.0. Let’s open the door.

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4:56 - Why did Sarah study fashion and what was her early career like?
7:43 - What led Sarah to approach Italian factories to produce her products?
8:56 - What type of person wears Sarah Flint shoes?
10:04 - Did Sarah always want to become a founder?
11:44 - What were the early stages of starting Sarah Flint, Inc. like?
13:59 - What brought on the decision to take the store completely online?
16:34 - How did Sarah make her decision on fundraising?
18:09 - What is Sarah Flint’s favorite Sarah Flint shoe?
18:54 - How has Sarah Flint, Inc. grown over the past few years?
20:13 - How does Sarah feel about the future of e-commerce vs. storefronts in regard to luxury fashion?
22:15 - What is Sarah’s strategy when picking locations to market in?
23:12 - What does ‘E-Commerce 3’ look like?
25:32 - Who was the first or most notable celebrity to wear Sarah Flint shoes?
26:25 - What advice does Sarah have for designers hoping to break into retail?
28:01 - What does it mean to be a ‘modern heritage brand?’
30:08 - What is next for Sarah Flint, Inc?
31:05 - What is next for Sarah?
31:37 - Who is a woman in Sarah’s life that had a profound impact on her and her career?

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