Movers & Shakers S2E4: Naomi Shah, Founder and CEO of Meet Cute, Discusses the Future for Romantic Comedies

Episode 4 May 03, 2022 00:47:27
Movers & Shakers S2E4: Naomi Shah, Founder and CEO of Meet Cute, Discusses the Future for Romantic Comedies
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Movers & Shakers S2E4: Naomi Shah, Founder and CEO of Meet Cute, Discusses the Future for Romantic Comedies

Show Notes

Season 2 of Movers & Shakers ends with another incredible guest, Founder and CEO of Meet Cute, Naomi Shah.

Meet Cute is a “rom-com incubator.” Audio, written video, short-form video, long-form video, etc. Meet Cute produces them all. Naomi tells us what inspired the idea for Meet Cute and what it was like for her to raise funding at the start of her founding journey. Naomi also speaks on balancing inspiring other underrepresented founders while not being stuck in the box of a “female founder.”

Other themes discussed in this episode include turning an investment thesis into a company, the “girl boss” trope and what it means for founders, and the future of the romance genre. Let’s open the door. 

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0:05 - Where did Naomi grow up and how did that impact her view of the world?
2:34 - Did Naomi always think she was going to be a founder?
4:10 - How did a mechanical engineering degree specifically translate into Naomi’s work?
7:50 - What was the initial aha moment for Meet Cute?
11:37 - In a few words, what is Meet Cute?
12:47 - What is Naomi’s favorite Meet Cute series that they’ve made?
14:43 - How was the process of getting the first funding for Meet Cute, and what did Naomi learn?
17:49 - What advice does Naomi have for new founders?
22:00 - How does Naomi balance paving a wave for underrepresented entrepreneurs, while also removing the stigma of being a “female founder?”
27:09 - How do we appropriately help make things more equal for underrepresented founders?
29:49 - What is Naomi’s favorite rom-com moment?
32:46 - How has a data-driven approach to storytelling helped unlock unexpected insights on consumers?
37:09 - What does the Netflix stock drop say about the volatility of the entertainment market?
40:19 - What's next for Naomi and her team at Meet Cute?
42:31 - Who is a woman in Naomi’s life that has had a profound impact on her and her career?

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