S5E6: Mac Conwell of RareBreed Ventures is Serving His Community by Turning LP Relationships Upside Down

Episode 6 February 22, 2022 00:40:06
S5E6: Mac Conwell of RareBreed Ventures is Serving His Community by Turning LP Relationships Upside Down
The Room Podcast
S5E6: Mac Conwell of RareBreed Ventures is Serving His Community by Turning LP Relationships Upside Down

Show Notes

In The Room with Mac Conwell, the Managing Partner and founder of RareBreed Ventures

After founding a few of his own startups, Mac’s life changed when he learned about the world of VCs and funders. This inspired him to start RareBreed Ventures, a pre-seed fund that invests in founders outside of large tech ecosystems. Mac and RareBreed provide resources, capital, and financial education to new and underrepresented founders.  This episode discusses; strategies for bridging the gap between funders and marginalized founders, the unique uses of TEDCO, a state-sponsored VC that provides resources to early stage companies in Maryland, and how Mac is utilizing Rule 506(c) to publicly fund new founders. 

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0:17 - Where did Mac grow up and how did that shape his view of the world? 
1:21 - How did Mac’s early career start put him on a path to entrepreneurship? 
3:15 - At what point did Mac decide to quit his job and become an entrepreneur?
5:06 - What resources are available now versus when Mac started his career?
5:53 -  Who did Mac start his first company with?
8:59 - How did Mac’s experience as a founder lead him to venture?
12:27 - What is it like to be primarily investing in your home state?
16:19 - Is there a “top of the funnel” issue when it comes to who is receiving funding and financial education?
18:13 - What is TEDCO and how is it tying venture to state funding?
20:13 - Why did Mac start RareBreed Ventures?
21:31 - How and why does Mac have a “become an LP” button on his website? 
26:46 - Who are some of Mac’s favorite companies that he works with?
30:46 - How will access to capital change for new founders in the future?
33:32 - What’s next for Mac?
34:30 - Who is a woman that has had a profound impact on Mac and his career?

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