S6E3: Sandra Abrevaya and Her Husband Brian Are Making the Battle Against A.L.S. More Accessible to the Public

Episode 3 May 31, 2022 00:41:10
S6E3: Sandra Abrevaya and Her Husband Brian Are Making the Battle Against A.L.S. More Accessible to the Public
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S6E3: Sandra Abrevaya and Her Husband Brian Are Making the Battle Against A.L.S. More Accessible to the Public

Show Notes

Season 6 continues with Sandra Abrevaya, CEO and co-founder alongside her husband, of Synapticure. Synapticure's mission is to make sure no one living with ALS is ever told, “I'm sorry, I can’t help you” because Brian and Sandra know firsthand how difficult it can be to receive ALS treatment.

We chat with Sandra about balancing a romantic relationship and a business relationship with your significant other, what the current treatment options are for ALS patients, and how the COVID pandemic affected business in the medical field.

Check out Synapticure here! 

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3:48 - What convinced Sandra to go to Law School?
5:21 - What are Sandra's top three takeaways from her career in politics that she uses as an entrepreneur?
9:37 - Did Sandra ever think she was going to become a founder?
10:57 - What has Brian's journey with ALS been like and how did it lead him and Sandra to found Synapticure?
16:32 - Are there many options for treating ALS currently?
22:17 - Who was the first person to say yes to investing in Synapticure?
26:20 - What advice would Sandra give to a founder who is looking to build a mission-driven startup?
25:33 - What are some of those unique challenges in building a product and getting it into the hands of customers?
26:07 - How does Sandra interface with patients during this need-finding process?
31:14 - How did the COVID pandemic accelerate part of Synapticure’s roadmap?
33:37 - How does Sandra balance her romantic relationship and her business relationship with her husband?
36:16 - What’s next for Sandra and Brian?
37:49 - What’s next for Sandra personally?

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