S6E4: Sarah LaFleur, Founder of M.M.LaFleur, is Leading an Evolution of the Modern Women's Work Wear

Episode 4 June 07, 2022 00:38:33
S6E4: Sarah LaFleur, Founder of M.M.LaFleur, is Leading an Evolution of the Modern Women's Work Wear
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S6E4: Sarah LaFleur, Founder of M.M.LaFleur, is Leading an Evolution of the Modern Women's Work Wear

Show Notes

We are returning this week with another incredible guest, Sarah LaFleur. Sarah came up with the idea to create comfortable and fashionable, professional attire for women because she herself found that whenever she was searching for work outfits, it seemed that fashion would always be sacrificed for comfort.

In this episode, we discuss the current state of the apparel market and how things have changed so rapidly due to the evolution of the internet and e-commerce, the future of DTC from the brand and consumer perspectives, and how previous work experiences influence a persons fashion choices.

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4:05 - What did Sarah take away from her college career, especially at Harvard?
8:17 - What was the fashion industry like at that time of Sarah’s early career?
12:24 - What was the aha moment when Sarah knew that she wanted to become a founder?
17:52 - What were some of the early supply chain processes of iterating and designing some of the first garments that were built for the “modern American woman?”
23:07 - What advice would Sarah give to founders who are looking to raise today in retail and e-commerce spaces?
23:34 - What advice would Sarah have to any founder today who might be thinking they’re going to disrupt retail?
27:04 - What does Sarah think the future of selling directly to the consumer is?
29:00 - Should women seeking to be mothers be freezing their eggs?
33:33 - Who is a woman in Sarah’s life that has had a profound impact on her and her career?

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