S6E6: Andrew Savage and Suma Brands are Guiding Retail Brands on Amazon to Their Full Potential

Episode 6 June 21, 2022 00:36:42
S6E6: Andrew Savage and Suma Brands are Guiding Retail Brands on Amazon to Their Full Potential
The Room Podcast
S6E6: Andrew Savage and Suma Brands are Guiding Retail Brands on Amazon to Their Full Potential

Show Notes

We are joined this week by Andrew Savage, Founder & CEO of Suma Brands, a commerce platform focused on developing marketplace brands, specifically on Amazon. Andrew is using his experience from helping establish early E-Commerce for Target and Amazon to guide other growing retailers to high-level success. Andrew and Suma Brands will “find, acquire, and help brands realize their potential.”

In this episode, we chat about what is an “aggregator” in the sense of online retail and Andrew’s quintessential blend of focuses that most companies must adhere to; retail, tech, and content. Plus, Andrew shares his thoughts on the evolution of E-Commerce from its origin to now, and even some of his future predictions.

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3:48 - Where did Andrew grow up and how did that shape his view of the world?
6:24 - Did Andrew always think he was going to be a founder?
7:28 - What was Andrew’s early career path like while focusing on E-Commerce?
10:52 - What were some “aha” moments while establishing early E-Commerce for Amazon and Target?
13:06 - How has Andrew's experience been, being a part of the Amazon ecosystem?
14:48 - What is Suma Brands and when did Andrew realize he wanted to found the company?
18:31 - What inspired the name of Suma Brands?
18:38 - What does it mean to be an aggregator, and does the term apply to Andrew’s business model for Suma?
20:43 - What separates Suma from its competition?
23:59 - Who was the first investor of Suma Brands and what was that experience like?
26:03 - What things are Suma Brands looking for when considering acquiring a retailer?
28:41 - Is Suma Brands focused on retail, tech, or something else?
30:46 - What trends is Andrew seeing in the E-Commerce ecosystem that will continue to gain traction over the next few years?
32:01 - What’s next for Andrew personally?
32:51 - Who is a woman in Andrew’s life that impacted him and his career?

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