S6E7: David Yuan, Founder and General Partner of Tidemark Capital, Discusses the Business of Launching a Venture Fund [LIVE at the EVCA Summit]

Episode 7 June 28, 2022 00:29:53
S6E7: David Yuan, Founder and General Partner of Tidemark Capital, Discusses the Business of Launching a Venture Fund [LIVE at the EVCA Summit]
The Room Podcast
S6E7: David Yuan, Founder and General Partner of Tidemark Capital, Discusses the Business of Launching a Venture Fund [LIVE at the EVCA Summit]

Show Notes

In this special episode of The Room Podcast, we get to listen LIVE as Madison interviews David Yuan, long-time investor and more recently, Founder and General Partner of Tidemark Capital. Tidemark is a venture capital firm built to serve category-leading technology companies as they succeed and scale.

In this episode, Dave details how he went from investor to founder and is now a fund founder with Tidemark. Plus, we discuss focused investment themes, the people and processes needed to build a successful firm, and the future of fund transformation.

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9:42 - Live Interview Begins
9:54 - Dave Introduction
12:25 - How was Dave’s early journey as a founder?
14:17 - How important is a founder's resume when selling themselves to investors?
16:02 - How does Dave think about pitching investment theses to LPs?
18:17 - When starting Tidemark, who did Dave go to for help?
19:40 - What is one thing Dave wished he knew starting the 2021 year?
23:04 - How does Dave think the LP market will change over the next 5 years?
26:21 - Who is a woman in Dave’s life that has had a profound impact on him and his career?

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